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Acacia Vets Provide Skilled Care for Domestic Rabbits


Rabbits are wonderful and fascinating pets but there are a few things to consider before choosing one for a companion. Acacia Animal Health Center offers general care and basic information to owners of rabbits.

Rabbits Are Special Pets

First, understand that rabbits have a rather long lifespan for a small companion animal. These small mammals live as long as many dog breeds, forming tight bonds with their owner families. As such, you should plan to keep your pet rabbit within the circle of your family throughout its lifespan.

Next, rabbits require regular veterinary medical and dental care to maintain good health. We recommend rabbits be spayed or neutered as soon as possible to enhance development of the bond between pet and owner.

In addition to yearly exams, basic care may also include yearly stool analysis and dental care.

Feeding & Caring for Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits require a well-balanced, high-fiber diet for good health. Quality rabbit pellets, fresh grass hay, and fresh greens are all necessary in this pet's diet. In addition, offer a continuous supply of clean, fresh water. The rabbit cage and hutch should be kept clean of the litter from vegetation and waste. Rabbits are trainable over time and can even be taught to use a litter box.

Cage size and design are very important for these pets, as well as time socializing and exercising outside of the cage. Toys and accessories help keep this active pet occupied, but be sure they are non-toxic and appropriate for your rabbit.

Regular grooming is necessary for good rabbit health. Grooming routines include brushing and nail trimming.

Our veterinary team will assist you in developing a healthy home care program for your rabbit. We recommend consulting with us prior to adopting a pet rabbit, to prepare for your new pet and to help you choose a healthy animal companion. Obvious signs of a sick animal include listlessness, runny eyes or nose, loose stools, and a poor coat. While some sellers will include a health certificate with your new rabbit, being prepared to spot problems when choosing your pet is essential.

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