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Pet Dietary Therapy Treats Allergies, Diseases & Digestive Ailments in Animals


The use of food therapeutically can restore an animal’s system to a balanced natural state. The veterinarians at Acacia Animal Health Center believe that many common pet ailments can be controlled, improved, or even eliminated by changing what an animal eats.

How Can Food Hurt Our Pets?

Common pet foods can contain harmful additives, such as food coloring, preservatives, or pesticides. Certainly, we are aware that some processed pet foods contain an excess of sugar, salt, and meats that are not usable for human consumption. Some animals even develop allergies to these ingredients, manifested in skin disorders, respiratory issues, or digestive distress.

An inadequate, inappropriate, overprocessed, or harmful diet can put stress on your pet, creating a physically weakened system that allows degenerative diseases to develop and premature aging to occur. Minimally, your pet may exhibit weight loss or inadequate weight gain, poor elimination, rough or dull coat, lack of vigor, or an overall poor condition. Skin allergies, chronic diarrhea and vomiting, or other diseases are often held in place by inappropriate diets.

Suffice it to say, the wrong kinds of foods or those that are of inferior quality can indeed harm your pet. The use of properly prepared, nutrient-dense foods can help restore the body to a healthy state and strengthen the immune system to fight diseases.

What Is Dietary Therapy?

Dietary therapy consists of analyzing the diet and making changes based on the unique needs of your pet. Using a combination of Chinese energetics, Western nutrition, and science, dietary therapy helps create balance, strengthening organs and the immune system. By using food energetics, we can help cool hot animals, add internal heat and Qi to cold animals, and create harmonious balance of blood, Qi, yin, and yang.

Dr. Bausone has completed courses in Chinese food energetics and routinely uses food as medicine to help his clients. The results speak for themselves in overall appearance and energy improvements as well as in resolution of disease conditions.

Assessing Your Pet

Dietary therapy begins with a thorough exam. Your pet receives a full Western and holistic evaluation to identify areas of dietary concern. Other tests, such as blood work and fecal exams, may be performed as well. General function, overall health, digestion, and deficiencies are all assessed.

Our holistic doctors will discuss the pros and cons of the different diet types available and how they might relate to your pet’s unique needs. Diet types may include raw diets, home-cooked diets, and commercially available prepared diets. The solution may be the simple addition of one or two key elements to your pet’s existing diet, or a complete diet change could be necessary.

Our holistic doctors treat each pet as an individual, creating a plan with dietary recommendations specific to your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, and environment. Working in partnership with you, we will find the diet that nourishes and maintains optimum health in your animal companion.