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Escondido Veterinarians Offer The Best In Integrative Pain Management And Regenerative Medicine

pain management

Traditional and holistic veterinary medicine both address a significant concern for pet owners: relieving or eliminating pain in companion animals. Every practitioner at Acacia Animal Health Center strives to provide the most compassionate care available to pets, including the most advanced techniques and therapies for pain management. We understand that a pet patient heals more rapidly when pain is minimized.

How We Manage Pain & Restore Health

Our integrative approach to pain management includes the most popular and well-known therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. While most pet owners are familiar with these options, we now offer a menu of alternatives, tailored to meet the needs of any pet.

Gaining popularity in pain management, and highly recommended by members of our team, is laser therapy. Lesser known, but very effective, modalities available to Acacia patients include prolotherapy and myofascial release therapy.

Regenerative veterinary medicine refers to the process of replacing or regenerating your animal's cells, tissue, or organs. Regenerative therapies are performed with a goal of changing the course of a disease or condition and restoring your pet's system to normal function. Stem cell therapy and PRP treatments are two of the regenerative therapies available to pets at Acacia Animal Health Center.

Traditional medicine options for a pet suffering from illness or injury include medications for pain, surgical interventions, and various types of treatments designed to attack disease and restore health.

Each of these approaches may be used alone or in combination with other treatments for optimum results.

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