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All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia: Luxury Boarding for Birds, Rabbits & Exotics

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All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia is the ultimate in luxury boarding for birds, rabbits, and other exotic pets. Our unique guests receive the best in personal attention, a high level of safety, excellent security, sanitary conditions, and access to excellence in veterinary care.

Pet Health & Safety

Birds, rabbits, and exotic pets staying at All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia experience an optimum setting for health and safety. We always provide an environment that is appropriate and designed specifically for your species of pet.

Your pet relaxes in comfort, cared for by our attentive staff in exclusive quarters. Our resort is located in a separate wing of our health center, specially designed to keep our hospital patients and vacationing guests apart. We have greatly reduced the risk of exposure to illness, infection, or infestation by eliminating contact with the hospitalized patients. To accomplish this, the resort has its own laundry and kitchen area and dedicated staff to provide your pet(s) with a healthy and comfortable stay in our resort! We also separate guests of different species, for safety and to minimize stress.

Extra Pet Care Services

Acacia Animal Health Center offers our guests on-site veterinary care, if needed, while you are away. Of course, we will always contact you immediately if a veterinary concern arises.

Additional services, such as dental care or brushing and grooming, are available during your pet's stay, as well. For very social pets, such as rabbits and birds, you may schedule additional pamper and play time with our expert staff. Your special pet is cared for with gentle hands and a caring spirit.

Review our All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia brochure for current pricing and available services.