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Help With Dog Behavior & Obedience Training


Training any animal has a variety of levels and functions, which, when handled appropriately and correctly, may enhance the human–animal bond. Experts in animal training are often well schooled in animal behavior. These professionals understand the mentality and social behaviors that drive the type or breed and work to meet the needs of the pet and owner.

Please understand that we do not recommend trainers who train only the animal, without the close participation of the pet’s owner or handler. It is important to see training as a process, not a one-time event—this means it is a journey entered into by the duo of pet and owner, a mutual agreement to work together and respect each other. This can only occur with the complete participation of both pet and person.

Levels of Training

Pet training typically includes various levels of competence, as well as a purpose for each level. The professionals at Acacia Animal Health Center recommend participation in classes or working with an experienced trainer, especially for new pet owners. While some things can be learned through reading or other sources, the experience of the group or trainer is invaluable.

Early training - Click for more information

Early training classes are typically called Puppy Class. This early training may begin almost as soon as the pet is weaned and should be entered into early in the animal’s life . Such training includes socialization techniques to indoctrinate young pets into human society. This training is strongly advised for many breeds, especially those that are considered skittish or aggressive.

Basic training - Click for more information

Basic training or “housebreaking” an animal is an essential for every pet owner. These techniques are used to either establish a designated area for elimination or to teach the animal to communicate the need to go outside. Frequently, this type of training includes crate training, a technique designed to prevent elimination accidents in the home and provide a safe sanctuary for your dog

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Obedience training is designed to make it safe to handle and socialize with your pet in a variety of environments. These techniques help you establish appropriate boundaries, creating a positive home environment and a rewarding relationship with your pet. Obedience training curriculums include the simple commands—sit, stay, down—as well as more complex skills as outlined in the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Training program .

Advanced training - Click for more information

Advanced training is available in a variety of programs teaching such skills as agility, tracking, and performance. These animals are being trained for participation in pet shows, for use as working or service animals, and for competition in athletic events. In addition, many pet owners wish to learn how to teach their pets tricks simply for the fun of it. A willing dog will enjoy learning new tricks well into old age, especially if it means more fun time playing with his or her owner. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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