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Doggie Day Camp: Pet Day Care for Your Puppy or Adult Dog

doggie day camp

Acacia Animal Health Center offers the highest quality daytime care for puppies and dogs in our Doggie Day Camp. Your canine companion can play the day away while you are at work or during those times when you are unable to give your special pet the attention he or she deserves at home.

Doggie Day Camp is also offered as an added service to guests staying at our All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia.

Custom Canine Services

We are happy to offer both Doggie Day Camp and Camp Tiny Tikes, to customize play for your canine companions of all ages. Our new “Indoor Tiny Tikes” room is quite a huge success! Visitors can watch the “little ones” play in this new indoor room.

Our play areas are supervised and features EasyTurf© artificial turf footing. This area is disinfected often and carefully maintained to ensure the best and cleanest play area possible for our guests.

Our camp staff pamper your pets while allowing supervised free play in a safe and well-fenced area. Doggie Day Camp is well stocked with pet toys and supplies. Our outdoor space offers the ultimate in comfort with shade areas and a puppy pool for those companions that wish to indulge themselves.

Camp Policies

Canine guests must be spayed or neutered by six months of age, for the safety of our other guests.

Pets must be free of fleas prior to attending camp. If fleas are observed on any pet, flea control and preventive will be administered at the owner’s expense.

Our policy also requires guests be up-to-date on vaccinations including DHP-P, rabies, and bordetella within the last six months. Proof of vaccinations must be on file prior to entering camp. If needed, we are able to contact your pet’s regular veterinary facility for vaccine verification for an additional charge.

For rates and hours, please view our All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia Brochure.