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Loving Pet Care Practiced In State Of The Art Ways

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Acacia Animal Health Center is proud to offer outstanding care for all of your small companion animals, including dogs, cats. To best serve our pet owners, we are open seven days a week with extended evening hours and weekend appointments.

Caring for Pets & People

Nurturing our patients and their owners is a priority at Acacia, so we provide those special touches to make life easier, such as:

  • Convenient drop-off appointments
  • Rainy day umbrella service
  • Curbside service for pet drop-off/pickup and drug/food refills
  • Walk-in appointments welcome
  • Pet daycare and boarding in our luxury Pet Resort

Our refreshment center creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation for our clients and their pets, so important to those of us who care for animals. A relaxed pet stays healthier and heals faster; a relaxed pet owner more thoroughly enjoys his or her animal companion and creates a positive and enduring human–animal bond.

How We Do It!

In addition to our extraordinary team of veterinarians, our support staff consists of compassionate and highly trained registered veterinary technicians, nurses, and receptionists. For the ultimate in cutting-edge pet care, we work closely with area board-certified veterinary specialists who see your pets at Acacia for your convenience.

Quality Veterinary Care

From primary care with a focus on wellness to emergency and urgent care, we serve the complete pet. Our modern diagnostic technology and laboratory allow us to identify the cause of the problem and begin treatment promptly. Surgical needs are addressed by a board-certified veterinary surgeon with the safest anesthesia available for our patients.

Pain management is a critical issue in every sick or injured patient and a customized plan is created to address your pet's specific needs. Nutritional support is also available, adjusted to meet requirements at every stage from young pet to senior.

Acacia Animal Health Center offers the most comprehensive veterinary care and services available: traditional medicine, holistic services, and regenerative therapies, as well as avian and exotic pet care.

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Acacia Animal Health Center: Your pet's health is our passion.

Small Animal Veterinary Services

From traditional veterinary medicine and support services to alternative therapies, our integrative approach is both unique and successful. You won’t find a more comprehensive approach to veterinary care.

Services we offer include primary care, wellness and preventive care, veterinary medicine with urgent and emergency care, surgical services, and pet dental care. Our surgical patients have access to a board-certified surgeon, the safest sedation and inhalant anesthesia, and the advanced technology of laser surgery. Our diagnostic department includes digital X-rays, ultrasound technology, endoscopy, and a state-of-the-art veterinary laboratory.

Alternative holistic therapies are numerous, including services of a trained chiropractor and our physical rehabilitation program for your recuperating or injured pet. Nutritional counseling for life stage and obesity issues is available, as is behavior counseling, coaching, and training.

Support Services

In addition to our veterinary medical services, we offer all-species boarding, day camp, and training in our All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia. Our veterinary pharmacy even offers curbside pickup for your prescription refills and diet food orders. Finally, when you face end-of-life issues with your companion, our pet loss services include an informational library and pet memorial option.

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