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At Acacia Our Goal Is To Stop Pain!

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At Acacia we use a multi-modal approach to control your pet's pain. No one medication is effective in every pet or for every painful condition. All too often the medications chosen are not well matched to the pets condition or the doses are inadequate for the level of pain experienced. Some patients may require an injection initially to manage pain. Some require NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), some may need opioids and some may need corticosteroids. Most patients accept these treatments very well. We will work to find a strategy that effectively manages pain.

NSAID's (Non-steroidals)

We are all familiar with these medications because we use them ourselves. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Celebrex are all anti-inflammatories and can help us humans alleviate our pain. Unfortunately, these medications may have unwanted side effects on our pets and should not be used. At Acacia we use pet approved and tested NSAID's to minimize those unwanted side effects.


We may be familiar with these stronger pain medications that are often prescribed after we have surgery or if we are in chronic pain. These are used for more severe pain and include medications like morphine, Tramadol, Buprenorphine, Butorphanol. Opioids have a place in some pain management strategies to maintain quality of life for patients experiencing more severe or chronic pain.


Steroids such as Prednisone are potent anti-inflammatory medications and can have a profound impact on patient pain and quality of life. They of course are noted for some side effects, but when dosed appropriately, side effects can be minimized while maximizing patient quality of life. When needed, steroids can be a valuable aid for some patients.

Here at Acacia, our doctors will asses your pets pain and will work hard to customize a pain medication protocol to maximize your pets quality of life by minimizing the pain. Let our doctors know if you feel your pet is in pain so we can help!