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Pet Health And Wellness Achieved By Prevention

primary care

Primary care isn’t just about exams, vaccines, and flea control, it’s much more!   Acacia’s focus, as primary care providers for your beloved companions, includes a focus on health, disease prevention, behavior concerns, nutrition, and to be the “first responders” when your pet is ill and/or just isn’t doing well.   Our ultimate goal is to maximize your pet’s well-being and quality of life.  We offer primary care for dogs, cats.

Every new pet really needs an initial veterinary examination and wellness consultation to be assured of good health and also that there are no immediate health concerns.  Thereafter, we recommend most healthy young and middle age pets have annual exams.  Of course, any geriatric pet or one with a chronic disease, a compromised immune system, or a painful condition should be seen more frequently, at least twice annually.  

What's Involved In A Typical Examination At Acacia?

After you’ve called the office and made an appointment be sure to bring all paperwork and vaccine history on your pet.  In addition, if another veterinarian has been treating your pet, either ask them for a copy of the medical records or ask us and we’ll be happy to call for you.  In addition please try and bring along a recent sample of your pet’s stool or droppings so it can be evaluated. 



One of Acacia’s exam room nurses will obtain a current weight, show you into an exam room, obtain a brief history as to the reason for the visit and discuss appropriate preventative heath care issues.   Following this, the veterinarian requested or one that’s available will come into the exam room, “meet ‘n greet” and begin discussing your pet’s health, current issues, nutrition and conduct a complete physical examination.  In addition to discussing the findings and recommendations with you, all pertinent history and all physical exam findings will be recorded into your pet’s personal computerized medical record. 

Diagnostic Testing

As in human medicine, tests may be recommended.  Remember our patients can’t talk and often hide symptoms so testing can be extremely helpful to uncover any problems.  There are numerous, actually thousands, of different tests available.  These tests come under headings that include blood tests, fecal analysis, microbiological tests, serology testing, radiology and ultrasound, and histopathology.   But there are certainly just a few “core” tests that are commonly recommended to first obtain a critical evaluation of your pet’s overall health status 

Our Promise

The team of veterinary professionals at Acacia Animal Health Center including our doctors, nurses and support staff will provide you and your pet the highest quality medicine combined with compassion, honestly, open communication and reasonable fees for the services you receive.